1. Too

From the recording HEARTS AND SHARPS


My hand in Yours Your heart in mine
You got me so I let my heart sing
My voice my guitar the band is Yours
Everything I have I lay before You
All of me You can make the stars sing

I'll be a raging fire
I'll be more than a flame
I'll be Your light on a hill
To put a smile on Your face
I'll remove these earphones to
Hear what You wanna say
Come and invade my space
I wanna dance with You in the rain

You're never too too too far away from me as sure as skies are blue blue blue my heart believes I'm seeing You You You and finding less of me You're never too far You're never too far

When you step I wanna move to your rhythm Heaven's darling every time You speak I'm with ya You're my source of life I can't make it without Ya You are more than life You were always the bigger picture